Positive Black Images

African-Americans seeing themselves in a positive light is important to our mental wellbeing. This will us to reduce self-hate.

Good Black News

Black People consume large amounts of news per day from several social media pages. How much news consumed portrays justice and correctness? How much portrays us as Heros and Victorious?


Several types of images & news have been found to cause Trauma to African-Americans. We recognize this and work to keep our social media trauma-free. Also Beef, Drama, & Gossip Free.

About Us

We show people of African descent in a positive light mostly on Social Media currently. African-Americans, Continental Africans, and the Diaspora! We strive to promote good black news and positive black images. We like to feature everyday black people. The people that make up the core of our community. Follow Us: Buhble Black resides on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter

Black Farmer Series: Black 2 Basics

Black 2 Basics: Black Farmer & Food Independence Series. Our series is cutting-edge as we showcase the Black Communities wisely minds: Black Farmers. They give us insight on the past, present, future, and of course Growing Food! Watch for yourself!: YouTube

The Future

We look to turn Buhble Black into a full-fledged news portal. Also, it will feature various/resources tools for the Black Community. We cannot do this without your support. ******Contribute to our efforts by sending at least $1 to CashApp: https://cash.app/$goodblacknews /Paypal: msmbsolutions@gmail.com*** Contributions over $35 will receive a shea butter lotion bar.

What people are saying...

Kamal Bell, Founder and Owner of Sankofa Farms
Kamal B., Instagram

"I love this page!"

Miss Finance from YouTube
Miss Finance, YouTube

"Great interview, very encouraging!! Im working towards self sufficient living & have goals to start a homestead in the future."

brake chamber from Youtube
brake chamber, YouTube

"Very educational Channel brothers and sisters Thank You Brothers and Sisters ! APTTMH"

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